Tongue Scraper




The tongue scraper is used to remove bacteria and plaque from the tongue surface.

Use morning and night when you brush your teeth.  Stick your tongue out. Gently scrape from the back to the front of the tongue. Rinse and remove debris between each scrape.
Repeat until you have covered your entire tongue surface. Wash your tongue scraper using water and soap, dry and store in a dry covered area.

Why clean your tongue?

The tongue is actually the area in the mouth that holds the largest amount of plaque.  Plague being that white furry feeling consisting of bacteria, skin debris and food particles forming a biolayer on your tongue.  With talking, swallowing and eating this layer releases bacteria continuously.  The tongue and it’s debris is also great source of bad breath.  Cleaning your tongue should be part of your twice daily tooth cleaning routine.

Contains one stainless steel tongue scraper.


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