Dental decay due to soft drinks


Warning – these images below are not pretty.


These are the types of dental decay we as dentists see frequently in people who consume soft drinks regularly. They are easy to spot.  The teeth appear quite shiny and clean due to the constant bathing in acid.  Early white spot lesions (decay) rapidly grow into open cavities, which grow into requiring root canals and extractions.  And yes there is severe pain as they progress into root canals and extractions.  Genuine pain, and pain to the wallet.

The sad thing is so many times as I talk to my young clients about this as they have just wandered into the clinic clutching a soft drink – I can see their eyes glazing over.  And yes they return usually in about 5 years in a state that we either just can’t fix or they can’t afford to fix.

It’s so simple – just don’t do it.  Please.

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Warning – graphic images

Several of these images are from Dr Rob Beaglehole – NZDA spokesperson

Images showing dental decay and the extraction of teeth due to drinking sugary drinks.  These are baby teeth.