Our Story

How we began with bamboo toothbrushes and ecofloss


Two moments – one woohoo moment, one devastating moment

In the first moment – a lightbulb moment – we were busy throwing out another pile of plastic in our dental practice.  This was when the concept of ecobrush –  bamboo toothbrush and ecofloss – sustainable dental floss, came about.  We decided at that very point to make small conscious steps to help reduce our wastage that the dental industry was creating.

Being dentists it was essential that we sourced good products, products that were good for you as a user, while being better for the environment.

Our second and turning moment – we were also struggling with seeing kids with terrible toothaches and simply awful oral hygiene turning up in the practice.  They had taken days off school and were genuinely unwell.  We always asked if they were brushing their teeth, then we followed immediately with the good dentist lecture, blah blah blah.  Eventually we clicked to ask if they had a toothbrush.  In a heartbreaking moment we realised how many kids in our region weren’t brushing as they simply didn’t have a brush.

Our journey began.

We want to make steps to help in building healthy, sustainable practices in our industry, our lives and our community.

Join us on the journey.