Surgical Mask



These are surgical masks level 2 – CE approved type IIR

Bacterial filtration efficiency >99%

EN 14683:2019

50 masks per box (no plastic bag wrappers)

Cartons contain 24 boxes (1200mask)

Earloop and adjustable nose piece

Fellow eco – conscious people – please let me explain why I have these on an eco friendly site.  These masks are required by regulation to be used in a dental practice environment, we are not permitted to wear reusable masks (COVID or no COVID) due to cross infection control.  They must also be certified to be at a Level II standard.  I have bought these in for my practices due to difficulty obtaining masks through the COVID pandemic.  I am offering them to the public due to the huge price hikes that are occurring in NZ and world wide.

face mask testing


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Box of 50 mask, Carton containing 1200 masks (24 boxes)


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