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Silk floss refills are out of stock sorry – we will not be restocking as it is not longer even vaguely viable in this crazy inflationary world – apologies.

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Yippee the ecofloss refills are here!

Eco friendly dental floss refills – biodegradable, sustainable and beautiful. Silk floss and activated charcoal floss for your refillable glass bottle ecofloss. Each pack contains two refills carefully packed in environmentally friendly packaging.  They are packed in food grade wax paper inside the craft paper box.

  • Activated charcoal floss – This is a bamboo charcoal floss – it has a polyester base so remember that it is degradable, not biodegradable.  This is a slightly thicker floss than you may be used to, but by crickey does it clean well due to this.  It is our vegan option (and my personal most favourite floss)

Each pack contains 2 refills that are 30m long. Coated with natural mint flavour and candelilla wax.

Designed in Sunny Nelson – Manufactured in China



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Corn floss PLA, Activated Charcoal Floss, Silk Floss

4 reviews for refills for ecofloss – activated charcoal

  1. Rose (verified owner)

    I love this floss and it’s great to be able to re-fill the original bottle – hooray no plastic waste!

  2. Irina

    Love the silk floss, have been using for nearly a year now and much prefer it to the traditional plastic floss. It is so smooth it slides between the tightest of gaps and because it doesn’t split into threads I never get any nasty cuts I used to get

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    The silk floss takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve got closely spaced teeth, but it’s great to be able to throw them into the compost when you’re done.

  4. maddy schafer (verified owner)

    I like this silk floss very much. It did take a bit of getting used to because it’s pretty strong, but not as strong as synthetic floss. That’s only a thing because my teeth are close together and so I had to work out how to slide it through without breaking.

    Now I have that sorted it’s great, and I don’t have to put toxic synthetic never-break-down waxes into the environment.

    I also appreciate the entirely biodegradable packaging, and that I can put it into my compost heap when used.

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