eco interdental brushes

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For the non-flossers amongst us Do Gooder has eco interdental brushes.  These have a biodegradable bamboo handle with Du Pont 6 nylon bristles.  The flexible stainless steel wire allows them to be bent to clean even between the back teeth.

The brushes are reusable, rinse and store exactly like your normal bamboo toothbrush.

When finished using pull the brush out and pop the handle into your garden or compost where it is 100% biodegradable.

These were designed and tested by dentists.

Each pack contains 8 reusable bamboo interdental brushes.

We have 6 sizes to fit all sizes of gaps between teeth.  If you are unsure what size to try a general guide is the younger you are the smaller the size.  If floss is tight going through then start smaller.  If you have large gaps between your teeth then go bigger.

The size is marked by the number of stars on the handle – so there is no paint on the handle.

  • Size 0 – 0.6mm
  • Size 1 – 0.7mm
  • Size 2 – 0.8mm
  • Size 3 – 1.0mm
  • Size 4 – 1.2mm
  • Size 5 – 1.5mm

Vegan and eco-friendly.

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Size 0 – 0.6mm, Size 1 – 0.7mm, Size 2 – 0.8mm, Size 3 – 1.0mm, Size 4 – 1.2mm, Size 5 – 1.5mm


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