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They are here!  Fabulous tasting eco friendly toothpaste tabs designed and made in sunny Nelson, New Zealand.

Pop one in your mouth, chew, then brush your teeth using your eco brush.

Zero waste, biodegradable and plastic free.

Our eco chew ingredients 

Dicalcium phosphate – this has an abrasive action and is the tooth polisher.  It can also help with remineralisation of the teeth

Sodium bicarbonate – This helps raise the PH making our saliva less acidic and therefore reducing the acidity of our plaque and reduces plaque.

Calcium Glycophosphate –  This has an anti cariogenic effect (helps reduce dental decay).  It’s method of action includes increasing acid-resistance of the enamel, increasing enamel mineralization, modifying plaque, acting as a pH-buffer in plaque, and elevating Calcium and phosphate levels for the enamel to uptake.

Erythritol – sweetener that has anti-cariogenic properties by helping prevent the build up of the plaque biofilm

Xylitol – sweetener that also has anti-cariogenic properties.  It reduces the levels of Strep Mutans,  the decay causing bacteria.  It also can help prevent mothers passing Strep Mutans to their babies

Kaolin – This is a gentle polisher.  There is also the theory that the minerals will help remineralise teeth.  This has yet to be proven in clinical studies.

Magnesium stearate – This is found in many natural foods.  We use it to help manufacture the tablets.  It has a long history of being used in tablet and pill making and known to be safe for us.

Natural flavour – to make it taste good!

Calcium fluoride (in the fluoride containing eco chews) – we offer both the Fluoride and non Fluoride versions of our eco chews.  However, we strongly recommend the Fluoride containing tabs.

We are in the final stages of testing  for the Fluoride tabs – watch this space.


eco chews pack information

Pack size 55gm with approx 80 tablets.  These are individually made so will vary slightly in size.

The packaging is kraft cardboard and fully recyclable and biodegradable.

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  1. Cat

    Yay! I’ve been looking for a fluoridated toothpaste tab for ages! Can’t wait!

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