Box of 12 Charcoal Floss $48

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Activated Charcoal floss

Stunning and possibly the most fabulous dental floss we have ever used (and we know our floss!)  This is the most favourite floss we have come across in our entire flossing history.

It is slightly thicker which help remove plaque and bacteria from between your teeth.  It may take a little getting used to being thicker, but it works wonders.

The bottle is recycled glass and can be recycled.  But even better is it is reusable, over and over again.

This is a degradable bamboo charcoal floss with polyester base.  It is degradable but read this as being as degradable as every other product that claims it is biodegradable.  By this we mean it will break down faster that normal plastic materials but does this by breaking down into smaller parts.

We offer this product as it is amazing to use and provides a vegan floss option.

30m of candelilla waxed bamboo charcoal floss with natural mint flavour

Additional information

Floss Type

Activated Charcoal, Silk


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